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DATAFINITY GROUP is committed to respecting and protecting your right to privacy. We will never rent, sell or barter your email address or other personal information to anybody. We will also not make your email address available to third parties unless they are serving as a contracted suppression or broadcast vendor on our behalf to send you the email you explicitly requested, and they have strict privacy and security precautions in place.

Your Personal Information

We may occasionally collect and capture some personal information with your consent for internal lead nurturing, specifically your full name, email address and company. This information may be used by DATAFINITY GROUP to send you information about our services and to direct future webinar and event communications. If the offer is sponsored, we may ask you to agree to let us share this information with the featured sponsor of the specific access, webinar or event for which you register. Any use of this information by the sponsor will be in accordance with the sponsor’s own privacy policy, if applicable. This information will only be available to the sponsor of the offer for which you register and will not be shared with any past sponsors or sponsor speakers. Any other use of this information will be in accordance with DATAFINITY GROUP privacy policy. If you ever have a problem with our use of this information and/or want to change or unsubscribe, feel free to contact us via our website.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

We will never send you an email blast on behalf of a third party. Furthermore, we will only send you emails related to any specific newsletters or topics that you explicitly signed up for with us. As a newsletter subscriber, we may send you very occasional invitations to participate in research questionnaires and to review the resulting data, or exclusive promotions for our offers and events. You may choose to unsubscribe anytime through our unsubscribe link.

Questions? Concerns?

Feel free to send them over to our Customer Service Manager at

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